A Thoughtful Weekender

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, thoughts of you quitting your mundane job and taking on traveling must have run through your mind quite often. Why not ? Aren’t all those who actually make it one amongst us ? After having subscribed to numerous travel blogs, vlogs I have realized one thing. We can do it too. ¬†Perhaps, in our own ways.

“Not everyone has the resources and time to pursue it”, said the guide on my way to the Palace of Versailles, France. On weekdays, she would go to college and pursue her career as a writer. On weekends, she rode people to places – the best way to keep herself afloat, fund her education and eventually see places. It stuck me! A Part-time guide¬†and a full-time whatever. The best thing about this is that its not novel. People in their own sphere have been doing it all this while. Sometimes you need a perspective to see the obvious. And isn’t traveling anything but gaining perspective.

Yes, not all of us can quit whatever we are doing. Yes, not all of us actually want to quit. But Yes, some of us do want to experience what’s out there. Ergo, the blog. Dedicated to those who leer at places vicariously (just like me), I intend to pen my weekend trips to places I’ve had the opportunity to visit. Some of these might seem quintessential holiday destinations, some might not. But trust me, there’s something interesting to every place. You just gotta find it out.

Amidst the hustle of getting the best pictures for Instagram (which we all do), an aspect that’s left untouched is knowing the place where one goes. “Why did Sir Eiffel built the Eiffel tower” was a simple question I couldn’t answer myself days after having been there. And hence – A Thoughtful weekender.

Keep Checking this space for more. Cheers for now.