8 things you must have done at Sahyadri Park (SP), TCS

Explained the floor conundrum…Too much jargon.. isn’t it ????floor
There is a newbie, shouldn’t he know all our secrets. Let me help him with my simple analysis..
Listen carefully, nth floor of S1 is S2’s (n-1)th floor and S3’s (n-2)nd floor, where 0 <n <=8… They havent tagged me as a developer because I know nothing.

Spoon stuffed yourself…

spoonsThere are too many of us. But the same doesn’t apply to the spoons in Cafeteria… I know you must have picked twice the spoons you require and put it back once you see someone trying to have Sambhar with a fork… Aren’t we an empathetic and a courteous lot…

Bought a pen and a notepad apparently for no reason!!!!yes-free-stuff-thumb
I was in the admin zone, had nothing else to do….Hey look ,I bought
a pen and a notepad for free!!!!
Mumma can proudly write her grocery list in it..#Mission#Accomplished


Hit the button for physically challenged on the lift pad
Hitting the lift pad a number of times doesn’t bring your lift faster, praying to god does☺☺☺☺

Got confused between Tadka and Zunka
This must have happened to you while you were new at the office…
10:30 am – I am at Zunka… Breakfast ?
10:35am – Sorry..I meant Tadka..Mirchi wala… S2 Ke saamne😛😛

Prayed for a fire drill on a boring day…man in praise
Its a boring day and you have finished all your work (Assuming you had some to begin with😛😛😛😛)… Had it been a college, you would have proudly bunked by now…
But this is different… And a fire drill helps you justify your absence…

I wasn’t late, the guard didn’t let me in.

hit-by-a-doorGet hit by a door
Gates opening inwards is a norm. SP gates open outwards hitting those walking on the corridor. Worry not, isn’t that the reason you see an ambulance in the campus…

Bragged about location of the office

There is no denying the fact  that SP offers a spectacular view during monsoons. Located amidst the western ghats, the white bed of clouds covering the greenish hills is a view many yearn for. So if you have bragged about it, nothing wrong I say.

To sum it up, there are few things peculiar to every workplace..These were my observations at SP..Feel free to add yours in the comments below…