The Dark Victory

‘Conqueror of the world’, ‘Unassailable’ were few of the titles the King had aspired to be. Once hailed as ‘Ruler of the commoner’, he had come a long way.

Hit by sanctions and invasions from neighbouring states, the brave military commander who was annointed to rule the Kingdom spent no time to defeat his enemies. These victories rightfully earned God-like worship from his beloved subjects for they no longer had to live in a fear of being ransacked by foreigners to the land.

“History only remembers the greatest, My Lord”, said a wise minister in the King’s counsel. Buoyed by his recent victories over the neighbouring lands, the ruler had asked for a meeting with the best of the minds and the only thought that stayed with him was to earn the allegiance of all the Kingdoms that he and his people ever knew of.

Most of the rulers submitted to the summon owing to the King’s military might as the stories of his conquest had spread like a wild fire. And those who did not, had no other option but to meet him on the battlefield.

As he won the wars and conquered territories, his obsession of being supreme grew manifolds. This blinded him to an extent that he could not sense fatigue in his men caused due to these meaningless encounters and bloodshed.

“It would be your last battle for there is no land left unconquered”, announced the Commander as they were to fight an army equally capable as theirs. The Carnage went on for days. They had met their match and this equated damage to both of the fighting forces.

Unsurprisingly, the King emerged victorious. Expecting a thunderous applause, he entered the city gates with head held high on his loyal horse. But this just wasn’t usual. He could not hear the drums beating, Paeans of his bravado did not soothe his ears, the handful of soldiers who survived were saddened of losing their compatriots and chose not to indulge in any celebration.

The equestrian who would otherwise neigh incessantly celebrating his master’s glory after his victories, rode him back to his abode traversing through the deserted streets in shame. His master had thus won the world but lost his people.