Things you wished auto-filtered themselves on social networking sites

There were times when being social meant comfortable enough to have a conversation with someone belonging to a common group or even strangers. Courtesy social networking sites and a host of other platforms, this definition has changed drastically.

What was once exclusive or rarely used has become so obvious that doing them seems mundane. You wish you had a wand that would filter out the content and spare you the irritation. Here is a list of things we have used it to an extent that it could be termed as exploitation and I am sure many of us would want them to be filtered:

The food, porn and orgasm Amalgamation:
There is no doubt about our love for all the three stated above. But when we create Hashtags combining them, it really gets weird. #foodporn, #foodgasm, etc.on every photo with eatables in it. I guess the thought process of these hashtaggers must be something like this:
I am eating something I really don’t know ⇒ Not sure what it tastes like!!!! ⇒ I’ve paid so much ⇒ I should post this ⇒ How do I make it attractive ???? ⇒ Voila, Hashtags !!!!


In a realistic world, if everything you eat gets you an orgasm, then you must be a #FoodPervert. I won’t blame the keyboard companies if they plan to replace space bar with a Hashtag.

The Airport Syndrome:

Symptoms: Those infected by the syndrome suffer from checking in at airports.. not just the source and destination… even the intermediate ones…
Cause: Others did it and I want to sound equally cool…
Cure: I wish there was some

The (Me + DSLR = photographer) Equivalence:

photographer5 Steps to become a photographer:
a. Buy the cheapest DSLR online (after you’ve filtered it with price low-to-high)
b. Create an album called The streets of <someRandomCity>
c. Spot the sabziwalas and take a plain picture. It works with kids at traffic signals, beggars too. Go with one easily accessible
d. Try using photoshop like you know it. Eventually, just add a black and white filter and caption it with bhari bharkam  words that you just googled up.
e. The last photo must be you posing with the DSLR…

Who says photography is tough ? Just tell me, who ?

The endless listings:
Well, this one is my
25 things to do before you turn 25

You: Hey, but I am already 25.
Worry not, check this one out:
26 things to do before you turn 26
It’s when GUNDAY makes it to the list of 100 movies to watch before you die, you realize how serious these articles are.

The series mania:
Friends, Game of Thrones and what not…I am sure you know someone who keeps talking about it on social media. And every other thing mentioned has an indirect reference to some television show.
gotHow many times have you thought that people are overdoing it by writing something like “Winter is coming” , “Summer is coming”, “Exams are coming” and few others “Joey doesn’t share food” ?????
Yeah! Everyone knows it by now… Joey doesn’t share food. But who doesn’t like revision. Sarcasm ???  Yeah you’ve watched The Big Bang theory too….

While most of us must have done one thing or the other, it’s the meaningless repetitive use that annoys us. To all those who are equally irked as I am, we are neither misanthropic nor cynics. It’s just not fun anymore.

And if you have more to add, please do so by dropping a note in the comments. I am sure there must be something that I have missed.