Things that prove we are a bunch of Anglophiles

India attained independence on 15th Aug 1947 from The East India Company. The English ruled the country for more than 200 years. While we succeeded in changing the names of our cities such as Calcutta to Kolkata or Madras to Chennai, their impact on our lifestyle and preferences is conspicuous.

The benefits or hazards of these is a matter of debate, but the following prejudices prove that we are nothing but a bunch of Anglophiles:

The Fair and Lovely mania
Ask any Indian Mother on how she wants her daughter-in-law, and the answer will definitely have the keywords “gori chitthi”.fair and lovely 2
It was during the British rule that we developed a direct correlation between beauty and the skin tone. And companies have for long used this penchant to shamelessly market their products.
So, the next time you see someone asking a photographer to make him/her look fairer, don’t judge!

The commodes

While Britishers ruled our thrones for quite some time, some of us thought of gratifying themselves by emulating their thrones in our toilets. Ergo the commodes. There have been studies suggesting that ours is the most hygienic and healthiest way of shitting, but who cares!

Khaenge Indian par Jaenge Angrezi 🙂

While countries like China, Germany and a host of other nations take pride in their mother tongue, it is us who felt better English translated to better prodownloadspects. Knowing English certainly helps you to communicate globally, but it’s rise has led to  a downfall in usage of local languages. Languages like Sanskrit that are now getting globally accepted is almost on the verge of extinction.
It is for the same reason that India has highest number of English speakers and readers in the world. Tagging elitism with good English has uprooted the pride of speaking in our local language.
So, the next time you see someone a mother teaching “Hello” to her child than Namaste, don’t judge her.

Plus, I wish I could write this one in Hindi. But my keyboard is an Anglophile too.

Spoons and Forks
Watching Britishers dine with forks and spoons convinced us thatroti with fork theirs was the right way to dine. Using hands on the dining table was looked down and considered boorish by the Britishers. And our skills to impress them taught us the usage of spoon and fork.
So, the next time you see someone trying to master the usage of fork and a spoon on a eatery repeatedly after failing to do so, don’t judge them either.

Cricket!!!! Off course                        
It was England that introduced us to the world of cricket. What was once played by the English to pass their time in India, has now become a religion in the country. So much so that we have won the world cup twice but those who invented it could never win one. Here’s an example of a derivative outperforming the source.

Holidays on Sundays
Have we ever wondered why Sunday is a holiday ? Some Muslim countries it on Friday so that they can pray. Britishers (Primarily Christians) had to pray on Sundays, so they declared it a holiday. Simple! But here I do see some logic because Hindus pray everyday, it must have been tough to choose between Shivji ka Somvar ya Hanumanji ka Mangal. So yea, let’s go with what the white folks say. Sunday it is!

Maybe a part of what I mentioned above is an impact of cultural exchange and that is ok. But shouldn’t we preserve our originality and stop aping someone? Has the ship pretty much sailed ? Spare a thought 🙂

Cheers for now!