The Dark Victory

‘Conqueror of the world’, ‘Unassailable’ were few of the titles the King had aspired to be. Once hailed as ‘Ruler of the commoner’, he had come a long way.

Hit by sanctions and invasions from neighbouring states, the brave military commander who was annointed to rule the Kingdom spent no time to defeat his enemies. These victories rightfully earned God-like worship from his beloved subjects for they no longer had to live in a fear of being ransacked by foreigners to the land.

“History only remembers the greatest, My Lord”, said a wise minister in the King’s counsel. Buoyed by his recent victories over the neighbouring lands, the ruler had asked for a meeting with the best of the minds and the only thought that stayed with him was to earn the allegiance of all the Kingdoms that he and his people ever knew of.

Most of the rulers submitted to the summon owing to the King’s military might as the stories of his conquest had spread like a wild fire. And those who did not, had no other option but to meet him on the battlefield.

As he won the wars and conquered territories, his obsession of being supreme grew manifolds. This blinded him to an extent that he could not sense fatigue in his men caused due to these meaningless encounters and bloodshed.

“It would be your last battle for there is no land left unconquered”, announced the Commander as they were to fight an army equally capable as theirs. The Carnage went on for days. They had met their match and this equated damage to both of the fighting forces.

Unsurprisingly, the King emerged victorious. Expecting a thunderous applause, he entered the city gates with head held high on his loyal horse. But this just wasn’t usual. He could not hear the drums beating, Paeans of his bravado did not soothe his ears, the handful of soldiers who survived were saddened of losing their compatriots and chose not to indulge in any celebration.

The equestrian who would otherwise neigh incessantly celebrating his master’s glory after his victories, rode him back to his abode traversing through the deserted streets in shame. His master had thus won the world but lost his people.


Transitory ‘Yes’

Didn’t he ridicule the concept of love-at-first-sight to an extent that it seemed condescending at times ? Yes, he did!

Wasn’t he mechanized in ways that he ought to categorize every attraction ever happened as something that was only driven by his carnal desires? Yes, he was!

Didn’t he have a strong line of defense that proscribed himself to be himself and in-turn safeguard from the agony of rejection and distance? Yes, he did for sure!

Wasn’t he secretly expecting an intruder to breach this fortification and make him believe in magic yet again? Yes, he desperately was!

Wasn’t he enamored by someone’s presence that he shed all his inhibitions which in turn drove him in doing things which he would seldom do? Yes, he was!

Didn’t he wish the universe stayed still barring the two of them and they conversed at length for eternity? Yes, he did!

Didn’t he put his best forward hoping for a reciprocation of the sentiments? Admittedly Yes, he did!

Wasn’t his pragmatic-self already preparing him for the separation that is bound to happen. Yes, it was!

Is he willing to be vulnerable and give his all in something that was as far-fetched and convoluted as this. Hell, Yes!

Is he still optimistic? Hell, Yes!

A Yin to one’s Yang


Lost in the picturesque collage of colors that only nature could produce, I was brought back to the reality by the neighing of the equestrians passing nearby. Matching each other’s footsteps, the couple helped tourists survey the scenic beauty of the place on a carriage.

“Wouldn’t it function just fine with one horse instead of two ?”, I pondered. “Ah, better productivity!”, answered the well-trained brain. But this wasn’t the office cubicle to let it prevail, my heart had a say too.

As I saw the cart move to and fro traversing the length of the beach, I noticed a sense of camaraderie, a sense of dependency between them. “I got your back”, is what the first horse must have said, to which the other reciprocated by moving synchronously towards a common goal. As I ambled to the spot where the rider fed the duo, I sensed a moment of rejoice where one acknowledged each other’s role in completing the sprint triumphantly.

Doesn’t it exemplify what relations are supposed to mean ? To add vigor to one another’s cause! To celebrate accomplishments and support at times of distress! “It takes two to form a pair”, I now understood as I clicked.


A Thoughtful Weekender

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, thoughts of you quitting your mundane job and taking on traveling must have run through your mind quite often. Why not ? Aren’t all those who actually make it one amongst us ? After having subscribed to numerous travel blogs, vlogs I have realized one thing. We can do it too.  Perhaps, in our own ways.

“Not everyone has the resources and time to pursue it”, said the guide on my way to the Palace of Versailles, France. On weekdays, she would go to college and pursue her career as a writer. On weekends, she rode people to places – the best way to keep herself afloat, fund her education and eventually see places. It stuck me! A Part-time guide and a full-time whatever. The best thing about this is that its not novel. People in their own sphere have been doing it all this while. Sometimes you need a perspective to see the obvious. And isn’t traveling anything but gaining perspective.

Yes, not all of us can quit whatever we are doing. Yes, not all of us actually want to quit. But Yes, some of us do want to experience what’s out there. Ergo, the blog. Dedicated to those who leer at places vicariously (just like me), I intend to pen my weekend trips to places I’ve had the opportunity to visit. Some of these might seem quintessential holiday destinations, some might not. But trust me, there’s something interesting to every place. You just gotta find it out.

Amidst the hustle of getting the best pictures for Instagram (which we all do), an aspect that’s left untouched is knowing the place where one goes. “Why did Sir Eiffel built the Eiffel tower” was a simple question I couldn’t answer myself days after having been there. And hence – A Thoughtful weekender.

Keep Checking this space for more. Cheers for now.


Things that prove we are a bunch of Anglophiles

India attained independence on 15th Aug 1947 from The East India Company. The English ruled the country for more than 200 years. While we succeeded in changing the names of our cities such as Calcutta to Kolkata or Madras to Chennai, their impact on our lifestyle and preferences is conspicuous.

The benefits or hazards of these is a matter of debate, but the following prejudices prove that we are nothing but a bunch of Anglophiles:

The Fair and Lovely mania
Ask any Indian Mother on how she wants her daughter-in-law, and the answer will definitely have the keywords “gori chitthi”.fair and lovely 2
It was during the British rule that we developed a direct correlation between beauty and the skin tone. And companies have for long used this penchant to shamelessly market their products.
So, the next time you see someone asking a photographer to make him/her look fairer, don’t judge!

The commodes

While Britishers ruled our thrones for quite some time, some of us thought of gratifying themselves by emulating their thrones in our toilets. Ergo the commodes. There have been studies suggesting that ours is the most hygienic and healthiest way of shitting, but who cares!

Khaenge Indian par Jaenge Angrezi 🙂

While countries like China, Germany and a host of other nations take pride in their mother tongue, it is us who felt better English translated to better prodownloadspects. Knowing English certainly helps you to communicate globally, but it’s rise has led to  a downfall in usage of local languages. Languages like Sanskrit that are now getting globally accepted is almost on the verge of extinction.
It is for the same reason that India has highest number of English speakers and readers in the world. Tagging elitism with good English has uprooted the pride of speaking in our local language.
So, the next time you see someone a mother teaching “Hello” to her child than Namaste, don’t judge her.

Plus, I wish I could write this one in Hindi. But my keyboard is an Anglophile too.

Spoons and Forks
Watching Britishers dine with forks and spoons convinced us thatroti with fork theirs was the right way to dine. Using hands on the dining table was looked down and considered boorish by the Britishers. And our skills to impress them taught us the usage of spoon and fork.
So, the next time you see someone trying to master the usage of fork and a spoon on a eatery repeatedly after failing to do so, don’t judge them either.

Cricket!!!! Off course                        
It was England that introduced us to the world of cricket. What was once played by the English to pass their time in India, has now become a religion in the country. So much so that we have won the world cup twice but those who invented it could never win one. Here’s an example of a derivative outperforming the source.

Holidays on Sundays
Have we ever wondered why Sunday is a holiday ? Some Muslim countries it on Friday so that they can pray. Britishers (Primarily Christians) had to pray on Sundays, so they declared it a holiday. Simple! But here I do see some logic because Hindus pray everyday, it must have been tough to choose between Shivji ka Somvar ya Hanumanji ka Mangal. So yea, let’s go with what the white folks say. Sunday it is!

Maybe a part of what I mentioned above is an impact of cultural exchange and that is ok. But shouldn’t we preserve our originality and stop aping someone? Has the ship pretty much sailed ? Spare a thought 🙂

Cheers for now!

Things you wished auto-filtered themselves on social networking sites

There were times when being social meant comfortable enough to have a conversation with someone belonging to a common group or even strangers. Courtesy social networking sites and a host of other platforms, this definition has changed drastically.

What was once exclusive or rarely used has become so obvious that doing them seems mundane. You wish you had a wand that would filter out the content and spare you the irritation. Here is a list of things we have used it to an extent that it could be termed as exploitation and I am sure many of us would want them to be filtered:

The food, porn and orgasm Amalgamation:
There is no doubt about our love for all the three stated above. But when we create Hashtags combining them, it really gets weird. #foodporn, #foodgasm, etc.on every photo with eatables in it. I guess the thought process of these hashtaggers must be something like this:
I am eating something I really don’t know ⇒ Not sure what it tastes like!!!! ⇒ I’ve paid so much ⇒ I should post this ⇒ How do I make it attractive ???? ⇒ Voila, Hashtags !!!!


In a realistic world, if everything you eat gets you an orgasm, then you must be a #FoodPervert. I won’t blame the keyboard companies if they plan to replace space bar with a Hashtag.

The Airport Syndrome:

Symptoms: Those infected by the syndrome suffer from checking in at airports.. not just the source and destination… even the intermediate ones…
Cause: Others did it and I want to sound equally cool…
Cure: I wish there was some

The (Me + DSLR = photographer) Equivalence:

photographer5 Steps to become a photographer:
a. Buy the cheapest DSLR online (after you’ve filtered it with price low-to-high)
b. Create an album called The streets of <someRandomCity>
c. Spot the sabziwalas and take a plain picture. It works with kids at traffic signals, beggars too. Go with one easily accessible
d. Try using photoshop like you know it. Eventually, just add a black and white filter and caption it with bhari bharkam  words that you just googled up.
e. The last photo must be you posing with the DSLR…

Who says photography is tough ? Just tell me, who ?

The endless listings:
Well, this one is my
25 things to do before you turn 25

You: Hey, but I am already 25.
Worry not, check this one out:
26 things to do before you turn 26
It’s when GUNDAY makes it to the list of 100 movies to watch before you die, you realize how serious these articles are.

The series mania:
Friends, Game of Thrones and what not…I am sure you know someone who keeps talking about it on social media. And every other thing mentioned has an indirect reference to some television show.
gotHow many times have you thought that people are overdoing it by writing something like “Winter is coming” , “Summer is coming”, “Exams are coming” and few others “Joey doesn’t share food” ?????
Yeah! Everyone knows it by now… Joey doesn’t share food. But who doesn’t like revision. Sarcasm ???  Yeah you’ve watched The Big Bang theory too….

While most of us must have done one thing or the other, it’s the meaningless repetitive use that annoys us. To all those who are equally irked as I am, we are neither misanthropic nor cynics. It’s just not fun anymore.

And if you have more to add, please do so by dropping a note in the comments. I am sure there must be something that I have missed.



8 things you must have done at Sahyadri Park (SP), TCS

Explained the floor conundrum…Too much jargon.. isn’t it ????floor
There is a newbie, shouldn’t he know all our secrets. Let me help him with my simple analysis..
Listen carefully, nth floor of S1 is S2’s (n-1)th floor and S3’s (n-2)nd floor, where 0 <n <=8… They havent tagged me as a developer because I know nothing.

Spoon stuffed yourself…

spoonsThere are too many of us. But the same doesn’t apply to the spoons in Cafeteria… I know you must have picked twice the spoons you require and put it back once you see someone trying to have Sambhar with a fork… Aren’t we an empathetic and a courteous lot…

Bought a pen and a notepad apparently for no reason!!!!yes-free-stuff-thumb
I was in the admin zone, had nothing else to do….Hey look ,I bought
a pen and a notepad for free!!!!
Mumma can proudly write her grocery list in it..#Mission#Accomplished


Hit the button for physically challenged on the lift pad
Hitting the lift pad a number of times doesn’t bring your lift faster, praying to god does☺☺☺☺

Got confused between Tadka and Zunka
This must have happened to you while you were new at the office…
10:30 am – I am at Zunka… Breakfast ?
10:35am – Sorry..I meant Tadka..Mirchi wala… S2 Ke saamne😛😛

Prayed for a fire drill on a boring day…man in praise
Its a boring day and you have finished all your work (Assuming you had some to begin with😛😛😛😛)… Had it been a college, you would have proudly bunked by now…
But this is different… And a fire drill helps you justify your absence…

I wasn’t late, the guard didn’t let me in.

hit-by-a-doorGet hit by a door
Gates opening inwards is a norm. SP gates open outwards hitting those walking on the corridor. Worry not, isn’t that the reason you see an ambulance in the campus…

Bragged about location of the office

There is no denying the fact  that SP offers a spectacular view during monsoons. Located amidst the western ghats, the white bed of clouds covering the greenish hills is a view many yearn for. So if you have bragged about it, nothing wrong I say.

To sum it up, there are few things peculiar to every workplace..These were my observations at SP..Feel free to add yours in the comments below…