About me

Hi Reader,

Born in Rajasthan, I am a Kannadiga by heart. Having completed my secondary schooling, pre-university college and Engineering in Karnataka I, feel it is my Karmabhoomi.

Currently, I am working as an IT professional in Pune, Maharashtra.

I like writing short stories and articles. My areas of interests include Indian Mythology, Mathematics, current affairs, Travelling and Social Networking.
Godfather, The Pursuit of Happyness are two of my all time favorite movies. Game of Thrones excites me the most when it comes to television shows.

I am an atheist but firmly believe in the existence of positive and negative energies. I somehow feel, they are symbiotic and inseparable. I believe nothing that man can ever produce tantamount to nature’s creations.

I like to see humor in every little thing and intend to translate the same through my articles.

I believe its only when you are lost that you begin finding yourself. And a great way to do that is to travel places unheard and meet people unknown. In the long run, I would want to start up a firm that lets people travel across the globe with limited resources.

Reach out to me by dropping an email at gitecrkt@gmail.com


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