Transitory ‘Yes’

Didn’t he ridicule the concept of love-at-first-sight to an extent that it seemed condescending at times ? Yes, he did!

Wasn’t he mechanized in ways that he ought to categorize every attraction ever happened as something that was only driven by his carnal desires? Yes, he was!

Didn’t he have a strong line of defense that proscribed himself to be himself and in-turn safeguard from the agony of rejection and distance? Yes, he did for sure!

Wasn’t he secretly expecting an intruder to breach this fortification and make him believe in magic yet again? Yes, he desperately was!

Wasn’t he enamored by someone’s presence that he shed all his inhibitions which in turn drove him in doing things which he would seldom do? Yes, he was!

Didn’t he wish the universe stayed still barring the two of them and they conversed at length for eternity? Yes, he did!

Didn’t he put his best forward hoping for a reciprocation of the sentiments? Admittedly Yes, he did!

Wasn’t his pragmatic-self already preparing him for the separation that is bound to happen. Yes, it was!

Is he willing to be vulnerable and give his all in something that was as far-fetched and convoluted as this. Hell, Yes!

Is he still optimistic? Hell, Yes!


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