A Yin to one’s Yang


Lost in the picturesque collage of colors that only nature could produce, I was brought back to the reality by the neighing of the equestrians passing nearby. Matching each other’s footsteps, the couple helped tourists survey the scenic beauty of the place on a carriage.

“Wouldn’t it function just fine with one horse instead of two ?”, I pondered. “Ah, better productivity!”, answered the well-trained brain. But this wasn’t the office cubicle to let it prevail, my heart had a say too.

As I saw the cart move to and fro traversing the length of the beach, I noticed a sense of camaraderie, a sense of dependency between them. “I got your back”, is what the first horse must have said, to which the other reciprocated by moving synchronously towards a common goal. As I ambled to the spot where the rider fed the duo, I sensed a moment of rejoice where one acknowledged each other’s role in completing the sprint triumphantly.

Doesn’t it exemplify what relations are supposed to mean ? To add vigor to one another’s cause! To celebrate accomplishments and support at times of distress! “It takes two to form a pair”, I now understood as I clicked.


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