Scion Of Ikshavaku : Book 1 of The Rama Chandra Series


After losing a fierce battle to the Lankan King Ravan, Dashrath is forced to sign treaties with the wealthy Lankan kingdom for trade. The illegitimate treaties imposed by Ravan sucks the wealth out of once an Unconquerable city, Ayodhya.

The shame of being defeated for the first time ever and letting his people down leads Dashrath to premature senescence. Even the Anti-aging drink (Somras) administered to him loses its effect. He grows weak and becomes indecisive. The city of Ayodhya is chaotic. The lawlessness and poverty stricken city is awaiting its next Vishnu. One who could put an end to Ayodhya’s misery and retain its glory.

Unaware of the destined Vishnu, the nobility of Ayodhya and its allies consider the birth of Dashrath’s first child inauspicious. The primary reason for this being that Dashrath’s first child was born the same day he lost the battle to Ravan, leading to decline of Ayodhya’s might. The first child or the eldest Prince of Ayodhya was named Ram Chandra. Ram was destined to be the next Vishnu, the protector of the realm.

Ram aches for fatherly love all his childhood. He is sent to Guru Vashistha’s Gurukul along with his younger brothers Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan to attain primary education in the field of Warfare, administration and literature. The Princes develop love and mutual respect for one another. They hone their skills to the utmost perfection.

The adolescent Princes complete their formal education and return back to their home, Ayodhya. Ram is assigned the challenging task of controlling the crime rate in the city. To everyone’s surprise, Ram installs an entire framework of laws and succeeds in task allocated to him. This made him a revered figure of the Ayodhyans. His popularity amongst the masses grew exponentially.

Impressed by his sincerity and able administrative qualities, Dashrath anoints Ram as apparent heir to the throne. Ram accepts this honour with utmost humility.

Some days later, Mahrarishi Vishwamitra, the Chief of Malayas visits Ayodhya. He convinces Dashrath to send Ram and Lakshman along with him. Ram and Lakshman are assigned the task of saving Vishwamitra’s and other Malaya homes. The brothers accomplish this with ease. On the way back to Ayodhya, a sequence of events land Ram in The Kingdom of Mithila for the swayamwar of the adopted daughter of its ruler, King Janak. The adopted daughter was Sita, The Prime Minister of Mithila.

Ram hits the Fish eye with an arrow fired from Lord Rudra’s bow Pinaka and wins Sita. Angered by his mockery at the Swayamwar, Ravan decided to attack Mithila with his bodyguard platoon. In order to save Mithila from Ravan’s bestial attack, Ram fired upon a Daivi Astra that made the bodyguard platoon lose consciousness and Ravan was defeated. But Ram self-imposed an exile of fourteen years as a penance for having fired a Daivi Astra.

Sita and Lakshman accompany him in the long exile. Thirteen years pass on without much trouble. The trio along with some Nagas settled to the south of Godavari in Panchavati. One day, Ravan’s half -brother Vibhishan and half-sister Shurpanakha visit Panchavati seeking residence for some time as they abandoned Lanka. Shurpanakha develops a liking for Ram. She tries to harm Sita with a knife. Raged by this, Lakshman pushes Shurpanakha resulting in the knife slicing her own noes.

Lankan Royal blood was flown. Ravan must seek vengeance. He decides to kidnap Sita while Ram and Lakshman were out for hunting and escapes in the Pushpak Viman. Ram hurls an array of arrows on the flying machine but could not alter the course of events. Sita was kidnapped. His beloved wife was taken by the notorious King Ravan.

                      Ram vows to destroy Ravan and free his beloved wife.


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