Rahul Gandhi (The PAPPU) is back ! Does it really make a difference ?

The PAPPU of Indian politics, Rahul Gandhi is back and the Indian National Congress  (INC) claims he is back with a bang.

To begin with, not everyone is lucky enough to have a sabbatical of 2 months just to decide about their future. And even if they’ve had it, they certainly did not have it in Bangkok which is known for its happy endings (If you know what I mean).  But Gandhi Scion is an elite, no doubt about that. And he is entitled to have his personal space. So let me give this to him.

But according to me and majority of Indian youth, his presence never mattered either. His cluelessness and dilemma about the socio – economic environment of the country has strengthened this belief even more. He was never an effective leader nor did he have the charisma to pull off the longest standing party of the country. The pre-electoral interview with Arnab Goswami is a classic example of his illogical thinking. Belief of those who thought of him as the future PM was dismantled after the interview.  It was hilarious. All India Bakchod (AIB) wasn’t the first team to introduce the concept of roasting celebrities for the Indian audience.

Not just the interview, pictures of him taking a nap in the parliament disgusted every Indian. What’s even more disgusting is the fact that Congress still wants him to rule the party and the country. Doesn’t the party have someone who could atleast be reasonable with the arguments.

Dynasties have ruled India for centuries. And it has given us some of the greatest rulers. Lord Ram, the Raghuvanshi prince is an example of this. Even he had to prove his worthiness prior to his declaration as  apparent heir to the throne. Comparing someone as holy as Ram to Rahul Gandhi would be foolishness. But this is not a comparison. It’s a fact that being born with a noble last name doesn’t entitle you to leadership. Proving your mettle does !

It baffles me to see the INC spokespersons praising the Shehzada for no reason.

On a lighter note: The day Rahul Gandhi becomes PM or does something considerable, Abhishek Bachchan would start think of winning an Oscar for the best actor. The day Rahul Gandhi becomes PM or does something considerable, the laws of nature would defy themselves.


2 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi (The PAPPU) is back ! Does it really make a difference ?

  1. JJ says:

    Rahul Gandhi has done nothing wrong by taking off for a while.Don’t be so jealous .Calling names is the earliest thing to do for jealous minds.So keep it yourself


    • Exactly ! He has done nothing.. yet he gets attention for just having a ‘Gandhi’ tagged after his name… Do you really think he is capable of handling responsibilities ???? And that too of a country as complex as India


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