8 characters that every Boys Hostel has

1. The IP Man (Abey utorrent mein kya IP lagaun ?)

Got wi-fi issues ? Unable to access sites that your college blocks so that you can study (LOL on them for thinking that) ? Who is your savoiur ?

The IP man….The IP man…

Abey.. IP address change karke dekh

Abey.. IP address change karke dekh

2. The Food Guy (Maala bhookh lagli, Khaila dya):

You’ve had some sleepless nights watching GOT, HIMYM, TBBT and what not. And when you find yourself hungry, you step up to this guy’s doorsteps. From Khakhras to Chivdas, biscuits to home-made sweets, he is the one stop destination for your midnight snacks.

khale bhai tu...

khale bhai tu…

3. The Byomkesh Bakshi (Bhai, woh pink top wali kaun hai !!!! Architecture ????)

From her relationship status to her address. From her current boy-friend to her ex, the entire hostel turns up to this guy for the information. And girls, we always do our homework.

Uska already bf hai...

Uska already bf hai…


You know the difference. Let me not get into it.

Mein tujhe dekh legi.. chachad

Mein tujhe dekh legi.. chachad

5. The Exam Guide (Your Key to success):

From marking up all the important questions to having a photo copy of all the notes from lectures you never attended, this guy makes sure you pass exams with flying colours.

exam mein pakka aayega

exam mein pakka aayega… rat le

6. The PornHub (Arey bhai kuch naya hai kya !!!! Pendrive laun ????)

No words for you brother. Keep up the good work for a noble cause. Your downloads are invaluable. His external hard disk is the most valuable thing in the entire hostel. #Respect#TakeABow

7. The Stinky Guy (yeh nahata kyun nhi hai yaar)

You cant breathe freely when he is around. He rocks your nostrils hard. Seldom does he bathes and washes his clothes.Dear Narendra Modi, swach Bharat Abhiyan must certainly be extended to this guy.

You Stink!!!!

Is it me or the dead fish ???

8. The Cool Guy (Bhai tu toh dude hai ): 

He is the captain of the football team, lead guitarist, and dating the hottest girl in your college. He is everything you’ve ever dreamed about. Every guy wants to be him, every girl wants him.

Legen.. wait for it...

Legen.. wait for it…

If there is anything a guy misses the most after his college days, its the time spent in hostel. Yes, we create our own world here and memories that last forever.

And for those of you still in hostel, PARTY HARD guys !!! These days never come again. Share it if you agree.


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