Things you must do or visit when in Gokak

Gokak is a small town located at around 70kms from Belegavi in Karnataka. And if you somehow land here, following are the things you shouldn’t miss:

Waking up early in the morning and enjoying a healthy walk:
I know you’ve been planning for ages to wake up early in the morning and jog. But never ever miss waking up early when in Gokak. Watch the sun’s rays penetrate the cluster of clouds. Trust me, you can feel oxygen reaching your lungs. For the joggers, the best place to be is Mayur School ground. From kids playing football to the youngsters sweating on the jogging track to the old folks doing the Anulom-Vilom, you’ll find people from all the generations.

Enjoy the local delicacies: If you’ve burnt enough calories jogging, time for you to take in some. Don’t miss having a KT (Quality Tea or Karnataka Tea;I am not so sure ) and mouth-watering Puri Bhaji at Chaya. While you are back on your way home or hotel, don’t forget to get some Kardant parcelled. Trust me, its something your sweet tooth has been craving for.



Visit Gokak Falls: Well, if you are in a mood for some sight – seeing then this is where you should begin with. The Niagara of Karnataka as people call it. While you are here:

  • Don’t miss a walk on the suspension over – bridge. It will scare the hell out of you if it’s windy.
  • For believers, there is an ancient Shiv Mandir as well.
  • For architectural enthusiasts, the Forbes textile mill might be of some interest. This mill was constructed during the British rule. There is an outlet opened up for shoppers too.
  • For science geeks, the hydro – electric power station would garner some interest. Get prior permissions and visit in there.
  • For others, there’s the waterfall. I hope you haven’t forgotten.
Gokak Falls

Gokak Falls

Godchinmalki – The Staircase waterfall: The waterfall is one of its kind. Its amazing to see how water carves its own way and mould the rocks in the form of staircase.The beauty of this waterfall could only be captured by the naked eyes. But don’t under-estimate your camera too. Click!!!



Hidkal and Dhupdal dam: Spare some time for water reservoirs here. Capture the sight of calm blue water on the bed of sand. And spend some time in the well maintained lush green gardens here.

Hidkal Dam

Hidkal Dam

Konnur: I know you have shopping malls and plazas at your place, but give this little shopping village a chance. You might find in some traditional Karnataka sarees. For those who don’t like shopping, don’t you dare enter this place. Yogikolla: Drive your way beside the markande river and pay your regards to the Goddess here in Yogikolla. Soothe your ears with sound of flowing water.



Kadabagatti: This spot gives you the panaromic view of the city. Watch the sun disappear behind the rocky mountains and the sky painted with colours that only nature could produce. Hang in there for a little while after sunset to witness the city lights.


Sunset View

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this if you have already visited the place. If not, give this place a chance whenever you are around. There is something for everyone here.

Best time to visit the place – August to September.
Best hotel to stay in – Gokak Resort


15 thoughts on “Things you must do or visit when in Gokak

  1. Smita says:

    That’s very well put. I would like to add 2 more points.
    1. There is this small hill called “Maliksaab gudda” (not sure if its the same name), I’ve always enjoyed trekking it at the dawn, pack your snacks and beverages and go sit on the top of it. City always looked beautiful from the top and so is peace.
    2. Laxmi Temple which is at outskirts of city, it must now be developed. I am no believer but I’ve always visited that temple, there was something serine about that place.
    God, this article reminded me of everything about Gokak, time to visit and this time its “Jatra” time I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. prashant says:

    very nice article about Gokak,one should experience.
    One is not ”maliksab gudda”….it is malikarjun gudda.


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