India’s Daughter – An Eye opener

It is shameful that a country as rich in culture as India is not able to protect the women folk. In one hand, we worship them in the form of Devis and on the other hand we rape them as Devils. We resort to excuses when anyone questions us about gender equality. We often tend to suppress voice that echoes truth, the bitter truth. One such case is the recent ban on India’s Daughter – A documentary filmed by a British director Leslee Udwin on Nirbhaya Rape case.

After having watched the documentary, I realised that there was nothing in it to be banned. It’s just that our country has become intolerant to criticism. We feel pained when any such incident occurs but never have we taken a stern action to prevent it. That’s the bitter truth. And when a British Director films such reality, the government bans it calling the film derogatory to the Indian society.

Dear government, aren’t you running away from the truth and making excuses for not being able to curb this heinous act of cowardice by Indian men.

Why don’t you ban the Kashmiri separatists ? Why don’t you ban J&K CM who credits Pakistan Government for the successful elections ? Why do you tolerate VHP or MIM who induce communal tensions ? We certainly understand that there is some hidden agenda behind it.

Banning this documentary has exposed the double standards of Indian government. The government should have let the people watch it and then decide on their own.

The ban on this documentary is certainly an infringement on our rights.


4 thoughts on “India’s Daughter – An Eye opener

  1. I watched that documentary. It is truth but disturbing. I think that government did the right thing. It will protect the remaining pride of our country. If it was shown publicly than there were chances that people will get encouraged to do more such crimes.


  2. Arjun says:

    Pride huh! I dont think such events make india proud any more.
    Didn’t expect the black suited crows to be illiterate and speak nonsense.


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